Vehicle Fire Suppression Solutions

Since 1985, it is our tradition of commitment to engineering leadership, product excellence, as well as customer service that is etched into every Jomarr Vehicle Fire Suppression System.

Through our innovative designs and our long and close association with many Mass Transit Authorities, School Transit Companies, Sanitation Companies and every major Truck, Transit Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturer in the United States, Jomarr has successfully applied the experience gained to the special problems encountered in providing effective fire protection systems and related safety equipment for truck, transit, transportation and mining vehicle applications.

Jomarr Fire Suppression Systems are pre-engineered modular systems available in several types and sizes. Jomarr Fire Systems are designed to ensure compliance with the following basic operational requirements:

  • Provide years of continuous 24 hour protection
  • Reliable detection and suppression of fire before serious damage occurs
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Not prone to false alarms or premature system discharge
  • To require absolute minimum fire system maintenance
  • Withstand severe environmental conditions typical in rough service vehicle applications including vibration, dirt, dust, oil contamination, regular spray washings and extreme climactic conditions
  • Environmentally clean and green