CF Thermatic Automatic Extinguisher System

Dual-Agent Technology

Pre-engineered unit utilizes a unique ABC powder with DuPont’s FE-227™EPA-approved, fire extinguishing clean agent to create a dual-agent gel that provides more efficient fire suppression. Non-toxic to occupants and environment; EPA-approved agents

Pre-Installed Pressure Switch

An automatic unit can protect up to 800 cubic feet.

Viking Corp Sprinkler Head

Simple clean-up after extinguishment, agents revert to non-toxic gas and powder.

Truly Modular

Unit are pre-engineered, self-contained and automatic (heat-activated). No electrical installation necessary – operates in the event of a power outage.


No piping required – installation is easy. Manual pull stations and signaling equipment can be added.

45º Lock Down Pressure Gauge

Our technology enables units to be significantly smaller and lighter than comparable systems and therefore cost effective.

Heat Activated

This totally unique technology provides you with the most efficient total flooding fire suppression.

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CF thermatic fire extinguisher

True, Pre-Engineered, Modular Flexibility

The proprietary, dual-agent, FM-approved CFF 800 units can be networked to provide a total flooding system solution at a fraction of the cost of piped systems. When two or more units are networked, the extinguishing power increases up to a
10′ x 10′ area. In this example, four CFF 800 units are networked to protect a 20′ x 20′ room with up to 12′ high ceiling.

cf thermatic fire extinguisher diagram

Some Applications for Our Dual-Agent Technology

  • Computer Rooms
  • Specialty Hazard 
  • Remote Locations
  • Telecommunications Areas
  • Enclosed Hazard Areas
  • Power or Electrical Areas
  • Temporary Construction Sites
  • Areas that require gentle, but powerful protection, such as museums or data and record storage.